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SGI Consultancy Services

Legal Investigations 

Our wealth of investigative experience in all aspects of police work, from road traffic through to serious category crime, SGI can provide a service which meets all of your evidence gathering needs.  

  • Witness Tracing - There are cases, as we all know where many months after an incident has occurred, important witnesses have not been traced or have simply moved away.   SGI can take over the responsibility of identifying and tracing these witnesses with a view to interviewing them and obtaining an evidential statement to support your clients defence.  We offer the flexibility of committing our time to this task when you, as a busy solicitor may have inevitable other commitments.
  • Interviewing witnesses – This is an important and integral part of assessing a person’s suitability as a witness in your case.  We can offer a service based on many years of interviewing witnesses, assessing their credibility and cross referencing their evidence with other evidence and identifying any corroborative points.  
  • Statement taking of potential witnesses – Having assessed the suitability and credibility of a witness, upon instruction, SGI can take a comprehensive and professional witness statement, suitable for all court proceedings, either criminal or civil. 
  • Witness support – The court system can be a daunting experience for anyone and there will be inevitable instances when your witness will require a more comprehensive level of support. SGI can provide safe and secure transportation in one of our executive vehicles with privacy glass, from a nominated collection point to which ever court their case is being heard.  We will ensure that the witness is supported throughout the entire court day, avoiding any unwanted attention or interaction that could undermine your clients defence.  We will ensure the safe return of the witness to their designated drop off point or home address.  This process will remove the need for you to fulfil, allowing you to provide all reassurance and support your client.
  • Personal and industrial injury claims – SGI offers a service of interviewing persons subject of personal injury or loss, through accident or industrial injury.  We will obtain comprehensive witness statements sufficient for any claim to be pursued.


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