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HR Investigation

In times of austerity every company needs to be operating at its optimum performance levels in all areas of business.  You have recruited professionals to your company for their expertise within their field.  

How many company hours are wasted with Managers conducting internal investigations on staff when they should be managing?  

It is often the case that managers are required to carry out investigations and in actual fact have no investigative experience of any kind to perform the role.  This in turn can result in expensive legal proceedings when the person subject of the investigation takes you to Court or Tribunal.

Employment Tribunal claims can be costly, damaging to employee relations, time consuming and attract negative publicity. Given that the cap for an unfair dismissal compensatory award as of 1st February 2012 is now £72,300, with discrimination claims having no cap, it is in all employers’ interests to take steps to minimise the risk of a claim.

With over 40 years of formal and informal investigative experience, SGI is well placed to provide your business with a wide range of cost effective tailor made solutions.

  • Internal Investigations carried out in a confidential and impartial manner thus avoiding possible expensive legal cost.  Examples of the types of investigations we carry out are; thefts, deception, misuse of company resources (including company vehicles), bullying, discrimination, criminal offences where you may not want to involve the police or having involved the police you were dissatisfied with the police response and employees pursuing vexatious claims against the company for injury/harassment.
  • In many internal investigations, the person subject of the investigation will claim to be the victim of bullying or discrimination or state that there is an historic personality clash or grievance between themselves and the appointed investigator.  SGI can offer an independent and impartial approach that is more likely to uncover the facts and allow you to make an informed decision.
  • SGI can provide you with either a covert or overt investigation with the production of all documents to Tribunal or Crown Court standard.
  • SGI can take on the role of evidence gatherer as part of our investigation, including all statement taking and interviews of relevant witnesses or suspects.  This may include employees, ex employees or any relevant third parties.
  • We specialise in Accident Investigation for the Insurance Sector with a view to identifying fraudulant claims at an early stage.  We will conduct a robust and intrusive investigation or cold case review in order to identify the facts and in doing so assist you to make the right decision surrounding liability.

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