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SGI Consultancy

Company Registration No:  8203836

VAT No:  141976300

ICO No:  Z3602550

County Durham

United Kingdom

Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund

 North East Business Support Fund


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Welcome to SGI Consultancy Ltd

Legal Investigations and Advice

SGI Consultancy Ltd has three main areas of business giving a full and comprehensive response to all of your investigative requirements.

  • Criminal Defence
  • HR Investigations
  • Legal Support 

We will act at your direction in a discreet and professional manner; we can draw on experts in all levels of investigations and have access to the latest technology.

We work to the highest evidential standards and will ensure the integrity and continuity of material gathered. This will enable you, if you so wish, in the future to hand to the police, a file of evidence on which they can base their investigation and any subsequent prosecution.

Share your concerns confidentially with us at SGI Consultancy, our years of experience and considerable skills may provide you with a solution you have not considered.

Benefits of using our Services

  • Transparent, independent cost-effective and unconstrained by the logistical and emotional demands faced by internal staff.
  • As much or as little as you want - fact-find only, or investigation with recommendations; a review of your internal investigations.
  • Our sensitive, skillful investigations make sure the process is as constructive as possible by remaining impartial and giving everyone the chance to put their views across, give their evidence, feel heard and not have to endure protracted conflict.
  • Procedural transparency.
  • Clear outcomes constructively given to all concerned during a full debrief mean the investigation can draw the past to a close and allow people to move on.
  • For employment related matters, reduced future grievances by using each investigation as a learning platform, not only for the parties involved but also for your organisation.
  • Minimised appeals and ET applications, with a more robust, thorough and accurate process; when cases do move to appeal or ET claim, SGI's involvement may significantly increase your chance of success. 

We work closely with a number of highly skilled Solicitors and Barristers to ensure you receive the best possible criminal defence available.

SGI Consultancy is a registered Provider for NBSL's North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness.  Find out more at Applications can be sent to


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